African Black Youth Queen & King In America

A testament to the power of leadership, education, and service among African Black youth. Empowering young people to participate and make a positive impact on society though talent, leadership and skills. Celebrating the rich heritage of the Black African!


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African Black Youth Kings In America
Who can participate ?
  • Ages(18-35)
  • America (All 50 States)
  • Can Read / Write
  • Term of service(1 Year Term)
  • Registration Fee ($100)
  • No size discrimination (All sizes are welcome)
  • Self-sponsor (Your or Own custume, accomodation, flight and food )
The End Of Service Benefits / Prizes
1st Position after compitition
$2,000 Cash Prize(Pocket Money)
  • Sponsored Trip To Africa (food, accomodation, (Villa D' Tuger in Accra) clothing, flight cost, Tour of destination country, Royalty visit - to a palace)
  • 6 weeks African Heritage Orientation/ Traning
2st Position after compitition
$1,000 Cash Prize
  • 10 set of special African Tradition Clothing
3st Position after compitition
$1,000 Cash Prize
  • 3 set of special African Tradition Clothing
01 Afric-B
Beautiful Africa – Where Diversity Meets Serenity.
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02 Afric-B
Africa Awaits, and Her Beauty is Second to None.
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03 Afric-B
Africa, a Rainbow of Cultures, Colors, and Natural Wonders.
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04 Afric-B
Discover the Beauty of Africa, Its Culture, and Its People.
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To order for African Custume for this pageant, please contact

African colours of beauty at:
413 231 8994
529 Burnside Avenue
East Hartford, CT 06108
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